Friday, November 13, 2015, 7:30 PM

Free Discussion Meeting

A panel of TAG members will lead a discussion on current transits including Saturn in Sagittarius, the Nodes in Libra/Aries, the Saturn/Neptune Square, etc. 

Join us for a panel of our members presenting on current transits and new sign placements for Saturn and the Moon’s nodes. We’ll look at charts of people and places in the news such as the European Union. Bring your own chart or that of other special people in your life. This is an opportunity to discuss what is happening on the world stage and our own lives as well.

LOCATION: Bio-Touch Center, 5634 E. Pima Street. Parking in back and on side streets.

This is a FREE discussion meeting, open to the public. Donations accepted and welcomed!

INFO: 625-5762 or

 CELESTIAL INFLUENCES calendars will be available.

Wall calendars: $14, Celestial Guides $14, Datebooks $10, Pocket Astrologers $8. Call 625-5762 for info.


December 11 - Annual Holiday Potluck Party

 Details on these & more events here soon.