April 10 & 11, 2015

Dorothy Oja

Dorothy Oja is a career professional astrologer and certified ISAR C.A.P., her studies spanning four decades. She offers consultations through her practice MindWorks, and specializes in Timing research (surgery, weddings, business openings, etc.), Relationship Charts, Children's Profiles. She regularly teaches courses and tutors students. An active writer, Dorothy’s newsmagazine, PlanetWeather, published 17 years, includes social, cultural, and political commentary. She has authored several computer reports: Compatibility & Conflict for Romantic Relationships and Friendship and Business, (Cosmic Patterns Software). Her book, Planetary Resonance, Everything Leaves a Trace was released in May 2012. She is faculty for the International Academy of Astrology online. Dorothy serves the community as an ISAR Board Member and Chair of its Ethics Awareness Training and Mediation. Daily postings on www.facebook.com/PlanetWeatherNews -- www.planetweather.net, e-mail: DOja07@gmail.com.

Friday, April 10th, 7:30 PM

Elections for Surgery

Choosing a date in the future, rather than the typical - of working with a fixed birthdate of the past - is one of the most challenging tasks an astrologer can undertake. It is not for the feint-hearted since it demands all the accumulated skills of the advanced astrological practitioner to research a moment not yet born. Choosing a surgery date carries a huge responsibility. We’ll study the rules and conditions necessary to elect the best date possible, knowing that no date will be perfect in all cases, but surely some are more perfect than others.

$10/$15 members/non-members. All welcome.

Saturday, April 11th, 1:00 - 5:00 PM

Planetary Resonance: Birth to Present

This innovative method developed by Dorothy assesses the influence of the three major transformers and modern planets: Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, with sub-cycles of Jupiter and Saturn, in relation to any one of your five inner planets. We can map these cycles from birth to present time and there is also a way to determine the resonance to each personal planet before one's actual birthdate. What is the planetary resonance you are experiencing now and what is the one you were born with? We'll explore these questions and learn the basics of this innovative method of assessing the influences of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, from birth to the present moment. What happens when your birth resonance phase repeats in your lifetime? We’ll use famous examples to illustrate. Dorothy developed this method over 14 years which resulted in her book, Planetary Resonance, Everything Leaves a Trace, published in 2012. A recent review of the book will be in the next issue of The Mountain Astrologer.

$20/$25 members/non-members. All welcome.

Stay tuned on possible new location for these events.


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