May 8 & 9, 2015

Rick Levine

Cofounder of, founding Trustee of Kepler College, coauthored 8 years of Barnes and Noble's annual "Your Astrology Guide". Rick Levine’s daily horoscope column is delivered via the Internet to millions of readers through He is the subject of a DVD, "Quantum Astrology: Science, Spirit, and Our Place in the Cycles of History". He is a computer wizard, a net-junkie, and is rumored to have an advanced Intel quad core microprocessor imbedded in his brain.

Friday May 8th, 7:30 - Peering into the Mind of God

Albert Einstein once said, “I want to know God’s thoughts; the rest are details.” How do cosmology, science and spirituality weave a magic carpet tapestry that supports astrology? What is life? Is our fate written in stone in our horoscopes? Does free will exist? What is the relationship between the cosmos and the individual? What survives death? How can we better understand our place in the Universe? What does astrology say about these unstable times? These are big questions... and not the answers you’d expect.

$10/$15 members/non-members. All welcome.

Saturday May 9th, 1:00 - 5:00 - Interpreting Outer Planet Transits in the Real World

Astrologers know that the outer planets deliver various kinds of shocks to individuals as they aspect the natal chart. So how do we maintain inner balance during times of outer change? How do we place relative importance on each transit, especially since there is usually more than one happening around the same time? What are the best approaches for us to take when working with a chart that is entering a period with lots of outer planet activity? The ancients recognized that Saturn was the gatekeeper of reality, and therefore we must answer to his finality. Now that Saturn is moving through Sagittarius, what issues will we need to face? How will this energy combine with wild Uranus in the fiery domain of Aries? What will the future bring? 

Where the Rubber Meets the Road: Interactive Session with Class Participant Charts. We will gather the birth data for each participant and the charts of each attendee will be analyzed in real time by Rick to demonstrate a variety of transit interpretation techniques. Participant charts will be projected real time for all attendees to learn from each other’s charts. Emphasis will be on getting to what’s most important quickly, enabling attendees to “speed-read” a natal chart along with outer planet transits.

$20/$25 members/non-members. All welcome. 

NEW LOCATION: RAMADA Tucson Foothills, 6944 E. Tanque Verde Road


June 12 - Steven Weiss

July 10 - Annual Cancer Potluck Party Meeting

August 14 - Annual Astrodrama Meeting

Details on these & more events here soon.