Friday, August 14th, 7:30 PM

Annual Astrodrama Meeting

led by TAG's very own

Gael Chilson

This will be an interactive learning opportunity, a chance to experience the planets and signs first hand. We might act out some planets in your chart or maybe current transits. We’ll start with invoking the archetypes and planets with a scripted sign and planet description. Come join in on the fun!! Call 625-5762 for information. All are welcome to attend.

This is a free meeting but donations are gratefully accepted to offset costs and tip facilitator.

This event will take place at the Bio-Touch Center, 5634 E. Pima St.


September 11 & 12 - April Kent - Void of Course Moons (Fri) & Finding Happiness Through Your Sun (Sat)

Details on these & more events here soon.