Friday, August 8, 2014, 7:30 PM

Free Astrodrama Meeting

led by TAG's own

Gael Chilson

Astrology gives us the tools to understand the patterns of the psyche. Astro-drama gives us the ability to source into the kinesthetic feeling of these patterns. Jupiter and the Sun are in Leo, the sign of creativity and self expression. Jupiter expands whatever it touches. Bring your natal charts and let's see what, where and how Jupiter will be expanding in our lives this coming year. All this Leo energy says "Let's play! Let's have some fun!" And let's learn astrology while we're at it.

Gael Chilson has been practicing astrology since 1970 and is a Certified Shamanic Astrologer through the Shamanic Mystery School. She has often shared her love of Astrodrama with TAG, something that she was introduced to when she became a member of the Guild in 1986. She has served on TAG's Steering Committee for many years. will tell you more about Gael Chilson and
her love of astro-drama.

This event will take place at The Studio Space, 4648 E. Speedway (just west of Swan). There is additional parking in rear of building off alley from Swan. Do not park at auto repair business to west, even if they are closed!

This meeting is free and all are welcome. Donations happily accepted to offset costs and tip speaker.


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